Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Have a Confession to Make

It's September 14, and I have a confession to make.  I never thought I'd say this so early in the fall.

I started my Christmas shopping today.

Now, before you that know me very well rush over here to take my temperature, let me just say something. I know it's out of character for me.  I hate shopping. You all know that about me.  I would usually rather take a beating than go all out "shopping."  It's right up there with root canals and watching sports on TV.

I probably just lost a bunch of you. It's ok. I haven't made any secret of the fact that I don't like sports, either. Oh occasionally I can be coaxed into attending a football game here and there, especially if the band is playing at halftime. (Ok, ok, only if the band is playing at halftime).  But I digress... For the 2 of you that are still reading, here is what happened. 

Shopping is a crafty little diversion. It sneaked up on me.  My black every day casual shoes that I wear to work are toast. We are talking holes in the soles kind of toast. So I had to go shopping to find some new shoes.

Side note:  I have a total of about 12 pairs of shoes, which includes four pairs of flip-floppy type sandals that will be put away for the winter very soon.  I am learning to live minimally, which is not for everyone but I'm loving it.  It does, however, mean when the shoes are worn out, I have to replace them pretty quickly.  I have a black pair, a brown pair, short and tall boots, tennis shoe type walking shoes, and one pair of dress shoes. I guess shoes are not really my thing. Don't ask me about purses, though.  That's another blog for another day. 

So, I'm there in the department store and out of the blue I saw something that I think someone on my Christmas shopping list would love. At first I thought, "I have to make a note of that and come back during Christmas season."  But then a crazy thought came to me: Why not buy it now and put it in a designated Christmas gift area at home (so I don't forget about it) and then I don't have to come back and risk it being gone? Crazy thinking for me.

That's how it starts, isn't it?  I know, I know; I'm doomed.  Now every time I'm shopping I'll be on the lookout for gift-worthy items for those I shop for at Christmas. Of course, it would have been better if this revelation had come to me in April or May I guess. But September is better than the middle of December, when I usually start thinking about Christmas.

I don't know what it is about shopping I don't like. Is it the crowds? Everyone knows I don't like crowds. I am a dedicated hermit in the making these days because I'm home studying so much. Truth is, there is no where on the planet I would rather be than home. I am a very content homebody.

Maybe it's the fact that all the good stores are in a bigger city than where I live and it's too far out of the way. With gas being as high as it is these days, I really try to limit my trips to the "city." When I do go, I try to do several things while I'm there.

I do think there is something to already being in close proximity to the stores that makes it a little easier for me.  I was already in the "larger city" a few miles from the little town I live in, since I go to church there.  Maybe that's the key; plan to stay in town after church every two or three weeks and get some shopping done. 

What a concept. 

I know this hasn't been a real uplifting or spiritual post. I guess sometimes you just get a peek inside my everyday life. I suppose that's ok now and then. I never said this blog would always be deep. I do hope it makes someone smile at least, even if it's because they are laughing at me. Laughter is good for you.

God cares about me finding shoes, and He gave me a bonus. It made me feel good to buy something for someone else, too.

Be blessed and have a great week!